‘Orange Rocket’ performs beautifully in a container. Use it as a specimen or mix it with perennials and/or annuals for a striking mixed container.

Berberis thunbergii is a staple in the landscape market, but ‘Orange Rocket’ kicks it up several notches with its vibrant colors and unique habit.

Remarkable color
Consider adding ‘Orange Rocket’ to your production for both spring and fall sales. Also of note, this cultivar passed USDA cereal rust disease trials in Minnesota, and was added to the federal register of approved varieties.

‘Orange Rocket’ is the go-to Berberis for North American consumers. This premium woody will sell well in spring or fall. In spring, foliage emerges a vibrant coral-orange, giving consumers a dose of amazing color when they’re craving something beautiful that chases away the winter doldrums. It ages to a lovely warm burgundy, giving the landscape a costume change of sorts. Then in fall, watch ‘Orange Rocket’ morph into a bright orange-red, an absolute perfect color that matches the season.

Noteworthy attributes
Orange Rocket’ was bred in the Czech Republic by Michal Andrusiv.

‘Orange Rocket’ features a tight, columnar habit. At maturity it typically grows to 4½ feet high and 1½ feet wide. This variety is ideal for both in-ground and container use. Use as a container specimen, place it in almost any landscape setting (as long as it gets sun) or try it as a small hedge. ‘Orange Rocket’ looks stunning when paired with plants with gold foliage.

Consumers will also appreciate that ‘Orange Rocket’ is drought tolerant once established.

PlantHaven is rolling out this new tag program for retail stores in spring 2017. The tags and subsequent POP paint ‘Orange Rocket’ in a sophisticated light, allowing IGCs to command a high price for this exceptional woody ornamental. Watch for more information on this program in a future issue of this publication.

This easy-to-care-for shrub is hardy to USDA Hardiness Zone 4. It grows best in full sun, providing the best foliage color. But ‘Orange Rocket’ will grow in partial shade.