Lofos Compact White

Looking to add flowering vines or something unique to your annuals program? Consider Lofos lophospermums from Suntory Flowers. Growers and retailers have two choices — Lofos in Wine Red and White and the newer Lofos Compact in Compact Rose and Compact White. Beautiful trumpet flowers cascade from elegant foliage that resembles grape leaves.

Lofos Compact White

Originating from the mountains in Mexico, lophospermum is a genus of eight deciduous species and is evergreen. These are perennial climbers and shrubs from the slopes of North and Central America.

Its foliage is triangular and the plants produce tubular to funnel-shaped flowers in shades of white and purple. This marvelous vine blooms early, continuing most of the year until frost.

Lofos Compact White
Go long or go short
Lofos Compact Rose

The classic Lofos varieties will reach a length of seven feet, creating a stunning display! Plants are vigorous and self-cleaning. No deadheading is required. Lofos blooms from the top to the end of the vines. If the plant gets too long, just wrap the tendrils in on the plant. You will not want to trim the vines because that is where the new flowers will bloom.

These varieties are especially nice for grower-retailers, who do not need to sleeve and transport the plants. They also look gorgeous trained up to a trellis in large containers. Make an elegant statement by placing urns planted with Lofos on top of Greek columns.

Lofos Wine Red

Lofos Compact varieties were bred to be grower-friendly and were very well received by growers who produced them for the first time. These plants will reach a length of about 2 feet and produce more flowers on top of the plant.

Flowers are smaller but bloom in greater numbers. These varieties present nicely in baskets and in gallons. Use in combinations to bring cascading elegance to large patio planters. When deciding which Lofos to grow — Original or Compact — visualize the difference as Rapunzel- or shoulder-length hair.

For more information and to see videos about Lofos, visit www.suntoryflowers.com.

Breakthrough breeding with benefits

New Surdiva scaevolas offer vivid colors, controlled growth and a uniform series that’s easy to grow. Plus, they are two weeks earlier to flower.

By Delilah Onofrey

Surdiva Fashion Pink

Suntory Flowers has made one of the most heat tolerant bedding plants even better by introducing new breeding into its Surdiva scaevola series. Traditionally, scaevolas have a wild and rangy habit, but Suntory has controlled that nicely by breeding plants that display the fan-shaped flowers on short, terminal spikes. While growers used to have to rely on pinching to keep scaevols in check, Surdivas are naturally compact.

Blue Violet and Fashion Pink combo
Blue Violet

Modern breeding can be seen in the three new Surdiva colors that were introduced at the 2016 California Spring Trials — Blue Violet, Light Blue and Fashion Pink. Colors are darker and richer. Plants are even more compact and branching. Plus, the varieties flower two weeks earlier, maximizing the opportunity for peak-season sales. Surdiva White Improved matches this new breeding in timing and habit.

Light Blue

For those who love the older Surdivas, those will remain on the market under the new name Classic, so growers can tell the difference between the two growth habits. Classic Surdivas are more mounding and semi-trailing. The new Surdivas are more upright. For a more trailing habit, choose best-selling Classic Blue, Classic Light Blue or the newer Classic Pink, which debuted last year.

With seven distinct colors and forms, Surdiva is the most complete scaevola series on the market. In addition to being grower friendly, the series continues to win awards nationally for its summer landscape performance. Surdiva scaevolas are recommended for 4-inch production, window boxes and hanging baskets. To create the Dancing Divas combo, mix Surdiva White Improved with Classic Light Blue and Classic Pink. The new Blue Violet and Fashion Pink also blend together beautifully.

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