Gardeners across North America are paying more attention to water conservation and looking for plants that don’t require much supplemental water. It’s not just a West Coast crusade. Make sure you’re growing and selling plenty of low-water needs crops. Enter: PlantHaven’s WaterSaver™ program, a collection of perennials and annuals that are drought tolerant. These plants not only save precious resources, but dress up the landscape with vibrant colors and interesting textures.

PlantHaven plans to promote this eco-friendly line with a big social media presence beginning next year. Also on tap for next year is the launch of a nationwide full-blown marketing campaign.

PlantHaven highlighted some of the plants from the WaterSaverTM program at this year’s California Spring Trials. See the video here:

Consumers care

A University of Florida/Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences study found that 74 percent of respondents indicated they were highly or somewhat likely to purchase plants that needed less water for their yards.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, water-smart yards often have increased curb appeal, which can lead to higher home values. In addition to requiring less water, fertilizer, pesticides, and usually less maintenance, water-smart landscapes offer many other benefits:

Lower water bills from reduced water use.

Conservation of natural resources and preservation of habitat for plants and wildlife, such as fish, birds, and waterfowl.

Decreased energy use (and air pollution associated with its generation) because less pumping and treatment of water is required.

Reduced runoff of stormwater and irrigation water that carries top soils, fertilizers, and pesticides into lakes, rivers, and streams.

Salvia Vibe Ignition Purple
Little Miss
New for retail in 2016 & 2017

PlantHaven has added two dynamic selections to the WaterSaver program that will appeal to consumers for their looks and their low water needs.

Miscanthus Little Miss

Ornamental grasses provide grace and beauty to any landscape style. Little Miss performs beautifully in containers, along a border, or interspersed with flowering plants. Narrow arching foliage emerges green in spring, developing carmine and purple tones from early May, with strongest coloring in October and November. Reddish flower heads sport buff seed heads from July-October. It offers a clumping, compact habit and grows up to 3 feet tall and wide at maturity. Hardy to Zone 4.

Salvia VIBETM Ignition Purple

This small-leaved variety was bred for its intensely vibrant, deep-purple flowers and compact, well-branched habit. It grows up to 2 feet tall and wide at maturity. Masses of medium sized deep purple flowers appear from spring through fall. Hardy to Zone 7.

WaterSaver annuals

While perennials make up the bulk of the WaterSaver program, there are some enchanting annuals available, as well.

Diascia Towers of Flowers®

The Diascia Penhow® Towers of Flowers® Collection offers a unique erect habit with branching triangular flower spikes. This series is the result of breeding which has created a prolific array of uniform flowers in a variety of colors. Plants bloom from early spring through fall, and can be grown in garden borders, rockeries, containers and baskets. Plants grow to 12 inches tall and wide. Currently in the program.

Abutilon Patio Lantern Passion

Blooming from spring through fall, Passion features watermelon-pink bell-shaped flowers that face downward and outward, which are carried on strong stems. It provides a long blooming season (summer through fall). Its compact tight, rounded habit ultimately grows up to 2 feet tall and wide.

Top row: Diascia Dark Pink; Diascia Light Pink Middle row: Diascia Cherry Blossom; Abutilon Passion bottom: Isotoma Glowing Violet
EuphorbsTM Ascot Rainbow; Euphorbs Blackbird EuphorbsTM Glacier Blue; EuphorbsTM Tiny Tim Realflor® Compact Sunset Cutie; Realflor® Compact Sunset Flash Realflor Compact Sunset Snappy; Realflor® Celebration
Isotoma Fizz N Pop Glowing Violet

The 1½-inch flowers are an iridescent violet-purple tone with cheery yellow eyes. The blooms are also rich in nectar, which will attract all sorts of pollinators. It blooms from July through October. Its tidy, compact rounded habit grows up to 12 inches tall and wide. This Australian native was bred for long season of interest in patio pots & containers.

WaterSaver perennials

Miscanthus Little Miss and Salvia VIBE Ignition Purple join a list of proven low-water need plants already in the WaterSaver program.


1. Euphorbs Ascot Rainbow

The foliage displays tones of cream, green/blue and red-pink hues throughout cooler months. Hardy to Zone 6.

2. Euphorbs™ Blackbird

New growth is dark red, maturing to dark-purple (almost black) by late summer when grown in full sun. Hardy to Zone 6.

3. Euphorbs Glacier Blue

The icy blue foliage contrasts nicely with the creamy white margins, and flower bracts echo the foliage color. Hardy to Zone 7.

4. Euphorbs Tiny Tim

Growing to about 1-foot high, the long-lasting blossoms are chartreuse with gorgeous red centers.


5. Realflor® Compact Sunset Cutie

This selection features two rows of flat petals, red-bronze with a cream border, as well as a compact mounding habit. Hardy to Zone 5.

6. Realflor® Compact Sunset Flash

This sun-loving, floriferous plant is topped with orange-red flowers with yellow tips. Hardy to Zone 5.

7. Realflor® Compact Sunset Snappy

The colorfast blooms are purple- pink with cream/yellow tips. Hardy to Zone 5.

8. Realflor® Celebration

Elegant red petals are carried on very strong stems. This selection blooms over an exceptionally long period. Hardy to Zone 5.

Proven performance

PlantHaven’s new ICON™ Program showcases tried-and-true crops the industry will appreciate and consumers will adore.

Cercis ‘Merlot’

In an effort to combine top-selling varieties with massive consumer appeal, PlantHaven has created its latest collection, the ICON™. It’s made up of trees and shrubs that provide characteristics ranging from brilliant colors to intoxicating fragrance. The program includes Cercis ‘Merlot,’ Cercis ‘Ruby Falls,’ Abelia ‘Kaleidoscope,’ Berberis ‘Orange Rocket,’ Cotinus Golden Spirit, and Daphne Eternal Fragrance.

Visitors to this year’s California Spring Trials got a sneak peek at the ICONS™ Program. Growers will want to get on board now prior to the social media splash and nationwide marketing campaign that launches in 2017.

According to a Houzz survey (, homeowners are planting more this year compared to last year. This is great news! In the survey, nearly every category of plants has increased in popularity including shrubs and trees. Houzz found out homeowners are most interested in low-maintenance, flowering, native and drought-resistant plants, as well as those that attract butterflies, bees or hummingbirds. As this trend continues, plants in the ICON™ Program complement the desires of gardeners nationwide.

ICON Trees

Cercis ‘Merlot’

‘Merlot’ is a canadensis and texensis cross which produces a more drought- and heat-tolerant tree. With glossy, small rounded dark purple leaves, it offers an upright vase-shaped habit. It has a tighter, denser habit than C. ‘Forest Pansy,’ and the leaves of ‘Merlot’ are smaller, thicker, and glossier than those of ‘Forest Pansy.’ Mature plants flower heavily with strong bright-pink flowers that are self-cleaning and have a low seed set. ‘Merlot’ does not show leaf stress in heat of summer. It matures to about 12-15 feet tall and wide. Hardy in Zones 6-9.

Cercis ‘Ruby Falls’

‘Ruby Falls’ was selected for its striking purple leaf color and weeping growth habit. Bred from stellar parents – ‘Covey’ x ‘Forest Pansy’ – ‘Ruby Falls’ is an elegant selection that won’t fail to impress. It features prolific dark-rose blooms on bright red stems and bracts that appear before the foliage in spring. These showy blooms remain for several weeks and are then accompanied by glossy, heart-shaped maroon-red leaves held on pendulous branches close to the central stem of the tree. As spring turns to summer, the foliage becomes burgundy before transitioning to green in late summer. Its elegant bare silhouette also provides winter interest. Hardy to Zone 5b.

ICON Shrubs

Abelia ‘Kaleidoscope’

This proven shrub lives up to its name with bright red stems and lime-green centers with bright yellow edges. The variegation does not burn or scorch in the hottest of temperatures. By late spring the entire bush is covered with soft pink buds that open to white blooms and continue well into autumn. Hardy to Zone 6.

Berberis ‘Orange Rocket’ (left) and Cercis ‘Ruby Falls’ (right)
Daphne Eternal Fragrance; Abelia ‘Kaleidoscope’; Cotinus Golden Spirit

Berberis ‘Orange Rocket’

This compact, upright growing deciduous shrub delights with small red leaves that turn a ruby red in autumn. Foliage hues intensify in fall, lighting up the landscape. Hardy to Zone 4.

Cotinus Golden Spirit

The only golden smokebush on the market, this deciduous, upright, loose-spreading, multi-stemmed shrub also delivers flame-colored buds that emerge in spring with a frothy inflorescence of smoke-like panicles in midsummer as it matures. New leaves are a golden color gradually turning a lighter, golden-lime color by summer with fantastic shades of red, orange, and gold in the fall. Hardy to Zone 4.

Daphne Eternal Fragrance

This intensely scented daphne offers unique re-blooming characteristics. Eternal Fragrance produces dainty white flowers almost continuously beginning in spring and occurring in flushes through to autumn. The perfume is a delightful scent, sweet and elegant. Hardy to Zone 5.