Looking for an exciting new crop for spring? Grandessa argyranthemums will maximize your returns and “WOW!” factor with a stunning show that’s sure to ring up impulse sales. Consumers are crazy for daisy flowers, vibrant colors and full, vigorous plants.

Grandessa debuted at the 2016 California Spring Trials. New to Ball FloraPlant, Grandessa was bred by Suntory Flowers through its partnership with Bonza Botanicals. Cuttings are sold exclusively through Ball Seed.

What sets Grandessa apart from standard argyranthemums is its impressive flower size and vigor, achieved through an intergeneric hybrid cross protected by a utility patent. Highly advanced breeding has created a superior result. Grandessa’s flowers are more than twice the size of a standard argyranthemum and span 3 to 4 inches in diameter.

Grandessa mixed in landscape
Grandessa white in landscape

Produce for early spring through late spring sales. As a cooler crop, Grandessa can be grown with osteospermum, diascia, nemesia and Senetti pericallis. Growers get a big return with just one cutting per pot. Recommended production pot sizes are 2.5 quart, 1.5 gallon and 2.5 gallon. Hardy to zone 10a, Grandessa is an annual for most climates.

Pair with color-coordinated premium patio pots to maximize the price point at retail. Grandessa is excellent for endcap positioning and front sweeps to catch consumer attention as a grab-and-go decorator item for the patio. Landscapers can cover a lot of ground with just a few plants.

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Surfinia Heartbeat

Fall in love with Surfinia Heartbeat!

New from Suntory Flowers, Surfinia ‘Heartbeat’ is an adorable novelty petunia. Elegant white flowers feature a pattern of five soft pink hearts.

The hearts grow with love, care and adequate fertilizer. While achieving this pattern will be no problem for commercial growers, if a consumer doesn’t feed the plant for a couple of months in a hot summer, the pattern could disappear, which typically happens with many patterned flowers in extreme heat. Providing fertilizer packets could be a nice value-added or cross-marketing opportunity at retail.

Surfinia Heartbeat has an attractive, compact mounding and trailing growth habit. It’s charming in hanging baskets, containers and window boxes, and would make a delightful Mother’s Day gift.

Being in the Surfinia brand, you can expect the same outstanding garden performance Surfinia petunias have been known for globally for more than 25 years. When Surfinia was introduced, the plants revolutionized gardening and created the premium vegetative annuals market in petunias and beyond.

Choose the Surfinia series that’s best for you:

Surfinia Trailing — Fast-growing, vigorous bloomers with superb weather tolerance. Available in 18 colors, including two veined types. Deep Red and Heavenly Blue are among the top-sellers.

Surfinia Sumo — Big, mounding landscape petunia that’s best for large containers and beds. Grow and retail in pots that are 1 gallon or larger. New for 2017 is Sumo Glacial Pink — a gorgeous light frosty color with dark throats.

Surfinia Mounding — Suntory’s most compact series also offers outstanding weather tolerance and is perfect for patio containers. Excellent in 4-inch pots. Compact Denim has won awards in landscape trials, and Patio Yellow is considered the best yellow on the market.

Surfinia Summer Double — The best double petunia ever! Early flowering, outstanding heat and rain tolerance. Dead flowers are buried by old ones and do not stand out. Salmon was introduced one year ago. Rose, Pink and White are extremely uniform and look gorgeous when blended into the Double Romance combo. Imagine offering Double Romance and Surfinia Heartbeat for Mother’s Day on your endcaps!

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