Chris Hansen
Photo: Teri Genovese

“If we can capture the magic of horticulture and instill upon these young gardeners a love for gardening, I believe you’ll have a plant-lover for life. It all begins with a single plant!”

Chris Hansen, breeder and co-founder of Great Garden Plants, Nursery Management magazine, September 2016

“If independents would look at themselves as a retailer first and a garden center second, their mentality would be never to become complacent. Retail never sleeps, so you need to reinvent yourself.”

Monte Enright

Monte Enright, president and COO of Armstrong Garden Centers and Pike Nurseries, Garden Center magazine, September 2016

“[Drought-tolerant crops have] been a really big deal. The ornamental industry has really taken that on, and so many people have to remove their laws and look at other landscape options and they are all going drought tolerant.”

Joe Walker, owner, Obra Verde Growers in Valley Center, California.

Tom Buechel
Photo: Eric Tadsen

“Employees are always on the lookout for issues. They’re not just going through the motions. It’s created a lot of enthusiasm within the nursery.”

Tom Buechel, head of production at McKay Nursery Company, on the nursery’s “red tag” procedure. Nursery Management magazine, October 2016

“[Plants] are not kittens and puppies. If they look bad, get rid of them. Yes, it’s live stuff, but if it’s not looking good, get rid of it and keep your store looking fresh.”

Beth Simpson

Beth Simpson, co-owner, Rolling Green Nursery, Garden Center magazine, September 2016