Nathan Detwiler
Photo courtesy of Leonardo Carrizo

“We need to prioritize sustainability. Whether it be by using integrated pest management, or recapturing and recycling water used in irrigation, or better integrating technology in greenhouse operations, efficient production will move us toward more socially, environmentally and economically responsible methods of production.”
— Nathan Detwiler, Agriculture & Horticulture student at The Ohio State University; “Fresh Faces of Horticulture,” Garden Center, May 2016

“There’s nothing better than seeing someone you did a job for out in public and having them come up and shake your hand and ask you how you’ve been and this and that. I think when you can start achieving that, you’re doing something right in the industry.”
— Brandon Goebel, foreman at The Natural Touch; “2016 Employee of the Year: A Port in the Storm,” Lawn & Landscape, June 2016

“Everyone on [our] team is committed to an open-door policy, freely discussing process dynamics, and even financial, labor, and market constraints to that particular process. This allows us to all grow in depth as lead growers, producers, and leaders while maintaining accountability to the observations and recommendations made by the consortium.”

— Joe Wolf, project manager at Woodburn Nursery & Azaleas; “The Power of Process,” Nursery Management, June 2016

“The tide has changed, and [the idea of patented and branded plants] is a part of our industry that’s probably not going to change or go away.”

— Sam McCoy, plant patent agent at Perennial Patent Co.; “Can I Patent That?,” Greenhouse Management, July 2016

“It seems like the recent lift of the moratorium [on] selling citrus has flooded the market with lots of varieties. And the customers are responding to them.”

— Dimitri Gatanas, owner of Urban Garden Center; “Cater to City Dwellers,” Produce Grower, June 2016